In the late 1970s, mining companies developed the Ranger mine in Kakadu National Park, NT, despite the opposition of Mirarr Traditional Owners.

Then the mining companies wanted to develop the nearby Jabiluka deposit. The Mirarr maintain they were tricked, cajoled and pressured into a 1982 Jabiluka ‘agreement’. But the mine remained undeveloped because of the federal Labor government’s no-new-uranium-mines policy from 1983-96.

Senior Mirarr Traditional Owner Yvonne Margarula with friends.

Then, under the Howard Coalition government, mining company ERA tried once again to develop Jabiluka in the late 1990s. The Mirarr led an extraordinary mass movement to stop the mine − and the Mirarr won! However the Mirarr still have to contend with the operating Ranger mine and plans to expand Ranger, as well as the likelihood that at some future date there will once again be pressure to mine Jabiluka.

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